Important Raffle Ticket Info:


1) Each child in the 2Day, 3Day and 5Day classes is given 11 raffle tickets. For every 10 tickets you sell, the 11th is yours (free) to claim for a job well done.
*Playgroup families: you are not required to sell raffle tickets but may contact either coordinator below if interested ;)

2) Each ticket is $5 (cash or checks payable to DPNS are accepted)

Please remember to keep the ticket stub and complete the information – each site will have a designated envelope for ticket stubs and payment.

All ticket stubs and proceeds are to be turned in by March 10th at noon.

3) There will be prizes!!! This year’s raffle will feature three cash prizes:
1st prize $750                       2nd prize $400                     3rd prize $200

In addition, the most coveted prize, one month’s free tuition (and bragging rights), will be given to the top ticket seller.

4) The more tickets you sell, the better your chances of winning some money! Please request more tickets from the Raffle Coordinators:

Raffle Ticket Coordinator: Amy Huey,

Thank you in advance to all the families for your efforts in selling raffle tickets. Good luck selling!

Kelly Sacchi and Ashley Burgdorf, 2017 Auction Co-Chairs