DPNS Philosophy

The Davis Parent Nursery School Laboratory is a DJUSD Adult Education family program of child and adult activities: a cooperative workshop in human relations whereby parents embark on a path of commitment with the Davis Joint Unified School District to better their parenting skills. We believe that any school district will be enriched by our broad spectrum of ethnic and experiential backgrounds, and we expect our associates to contribute time and energy at an elevated level throughout their child's educational years. In addition, we recognize the need for our commitment to the excellence of the DJUSD to extend beyond our child's attendance. Each participating parent provides many particular skills, talent, and enthusiasm in making a highly successful cooperative program.

DPNS offers parents many opportunities to become more aware of their own child. Seeing this child in a group of children the same age helps parents to understand and interpret development and behavior. Parents can become more at ease with the fact that a child does not always grow and change at a convenient pace or by a regular schedule, and at the same time come to realize that much of what their child does is not necessarily unique or different.

Through discussion and observation of other adults (other parents and/or the teaching staff) in specific instances, parents can often develop new ways of handling situations and solving problems and can apply this at home. Parents can learn new and enriching experiences for their child and can contribute ideas of their own for the benefit of other parents.

This family-centered program offers children an opportunity to grow intellectually and emotionally. The children can learn to make social contacts in groups--small and large, supervised and informal. They can learn to cooperate, to take turns, to share, to verbalize their feelings, to defend their rights and to respect the rights of other children. They can learn to develop initiative and leadership, and to respect themselves and others. Children can also develop open, happy relationships with other adults without becoming overly dependent upon them.

At the nursery school, children have a chance to explore the world around them through first-hand experiences. A wide variety of materials and activities is provided for this purpose: playground and climbing structures to define and exercise large muscles; puzzles and small toys to develop small motor skills and coordination; blocks and housekeeping areas to provide occasions for replaying life situations; many musical, art and handicraft facilities to offer a basis of aesthetic and cultural experience. In addition to all of this, there are special activities--cooking projects, science projects, interesting visitors, etc., to further broaden the base of each child's experience.

Parents must give their time, energy, and talents to make this cooperative program successful, but they will find that it's well worth the effort!