The 5-Day Program is located at 426 West Eight Street. In this program, children work on their social, emotional and physical skills that will prepare them for kindergarten. Parents continue their education in issues that are relevant to the preschool-age child.

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The 3-Day Program is located at 1447 Danbury St (Montgomery Elementary School campus). This program promotes a deeper learning by encouraging collaborative relationships. With emphasis placed on encouraging social, emotional and physical development, learning opportunities invite growth, empowerment and mastery. Parents are supported in their experiences with preschool-aged children and their unique issues.



The 2-Day Program is located at 1447 Danbury St (Montgomery Elementary School campus). The 2-Day Program provides a nurturing and a supportive environment for families as their children experience the school environment independently, often for the first time. A learning space is created to stimulate play and learning. The parent education component focuses on understanding the development of young children and supports parents' time in the classroom. 


Baby and Me Playgroup, Mixed-Age Playgroups

The Playgroup Program is located at 426 West Eight St and 1447 Danbury Street (Montgomery Elementary School campus). This Parent-Child program is a wonderful introduction to nursery school for both the parent and the child. The child gets to play in a stimulating indoor/outdoor environment and enjoy social interactions with other children of similar age while the parents get to meet and talk to other parents of toddlers.

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Extended Day

The Extended Day Program is located at 426 West Eight St. This program offers children the opportunity to spend their afternoons engaged in enriching outdoor play. There are no parent participation requirements and children do not need to be enrolled in a DPNS Nursery School Program to participate in the Extended Day Program.


* Age range exceptions are allowed